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Capacitive Touch Screen

Technical characteristics:
※Flexible Film Projected Capacitive Touch Foil Interactive Touch Foil Through Glass ※Projected Capacitive Touch Screen ※Surface Capacitive Touch Screen..

 Capacitive Touch Screen Types:

 Type 1: Flexible Projected Capacitive Touch Foil Through Glass (Size from 7" to 180" wtih 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20 and 40 touch points)
 Type 2: Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen (5" to 52" with 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 and 20 touch points)
 Type 3: Surface Capacitive Touch Screen (from 5.0" to 22" with single-touch)

 Type 1: Flexible Projected Capacitive Touch Foil Through Glass (Single-touch and Dual-Touch)


Kingtouchgroup interactive touch foil offer greater functionality and reliability than other projected capacitance foils in the market place. We use a special hard coated clear PET layer offering greater protection for the fine copper cores, improved optical characteristics and a resilient smooth surface for greater longevity. Touch foils are supplied with an electrostatic cling layer which makes them suitable for both permanent and temporary installations. The new improved foils have an upgraded driver with USB or RS232 connection which has been digitally signed off by Microsoft (EMC approved) and are UL and CE approved (RoHS compliant).The Interactive Foils are combined with a screen technology to create an interactive touch screen display. Our main market for the foils is "Through-glass" interactive displays for store window applications, where the foil is combined with our range of projection films and high brightness LCD TFT screens.


1. Projected Capacitance Touch Foil Technology
2. Works on glass up to 20mmthickness
3. Easy to use or install, and Simple to set up for touch foil
4. Durable flexible touch foil, very light and thin touch foil
5. Perfect Single-touch and dual-touch, Quick touch response speed
6. Fixing options: removable and permanent, Can be permanent or replaceable
7. Can be attached to almost every surface: Shop window, Glass, Acrylic and Rear projection film and any other non-metallic material
8. Available Size: from 30 to 180 inches sheets, bigger available on request

 Touch Foil Specificatioin:

Touch Sensor:

Detection method

Projected Capacitance Technology


PET film with embedded micro-fine sensing array


Detachable USB controller

Size range

30" to 180" other size can be customized for customer needs


Operating temperature

-20°C > +60°C

Operating humidity

90%RH @ 40°C

Storage temperature

-30°C > +70°C

Storage humidity

90%RH @ 40°C

Resistance to contamination

Determined by mounting substrate


Water resistance

Determined by mounting substrate



Immunity to damage

Protected by mounting substrate / no moving parts

Sensor thickness

~0.3mm, ~0.5mm depending on rear


projection material selected

Stylus type

Finger, gloved hand

Operating force


Sensor MTBF

No moving parts / no known wear out mechanism


Power requirements

Power from USB port (5V±5%, less than 100mA)


Controller compliant with CE and UL




30” to 50” <3mm, 55” and above <5mm

Positional accuracy

<1.5% of diagonal error within the recommended viewing


Adjustable in software. Maximum thickness of glass mounting


substrate 12mm (single layer – no double glazing)

Calibration drift

One time calibration, no drift


Mouse move only, activate on touch, activate on release, drag


and drop, touch / hold / release


USB V1.1, compatible with USB V2.0 (3m standard cable


length, 5m maximum cable length recommended with USB)

Software Driver

Windows 2000 / Windows XP /Windows 7

Touch Foil Recommended Applications:

1. Shop/Store window displays
2. Indoor and outdoor kiosks
3. Glass partitions
4. Corporate offices
5. Training and meeting rooms
6. Exhibitions and conferences
7. Museums and visitor attractions

 Type 2: Projected Capacitive Touch Screen (Single-touch, Dual-Touch and Multi-touch):


The projected capacitive touch screen works on the principle of conventional capacitive touch screens with the addition of two sensing arrays (X and Y) on two different layers that are perpendicular to each other along with a drive line. As X and Y arrays exist on different layers, the point where the two intercept becomes a capacitive node. When electrical currents run along one of the arrays through the drive line, the other array and the circuitry that detects change in capacitive values becomes connected. During actual operation, the controller sends electrical currents to the drive lines on different layers to create a specific electrical field with the nodes.

When the user places his finger or uses a touch medium close to the touch screen, the controller immediately picks up the change in capacitive value between the nodes and drive lines to pinpoint the exact location of the touch event. Since the sensing arrays on the panel form a 3D electrical field that is independent to the surface capacitors, the touch event registers even when no physical contact with the touch screen is made. In other words, projected capacitive touch screens feature Z-axis recognition. 


1. Honeycomb structure.
2. Independent signal output.
3. Realizes multitouch capabilities.
4. Touch screens can be built in specific dimensions requested by clients in custom orders.


 Size Range
 Input Mode
 Finger, Gloved hand activation
 Operating Temperature
 0℃~60℃ (20%RH~85%RH)
 Storage Temperature
 -10℃~70℃ (10%RH~90%RH)
 Operating Force
 Loop Resistance
 500~1000 ohm
 Knock Test
 350,000,000 times
 Standard Sizes
 15",17", 18.5", 19", 22", 24", 32", 42" and 52" 

 Type 3: Surface Capacitive Touch Screen (Single-touch):


The surface capacitive touch screen manufactured by Groovy Technology Corporation utilizes the ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) at the touch screen surface to achieve a change in electrical current upon contact with the human body. The change is registered by the sensors placed at the four corners and transmitted to the controller as an analog signal. The signal will then be processed by the controller before it is sent to the system as a digital signal to be displayed visually on the monitor.


1. Highly transparent with a transmittance of 95%~99%
2. Tempered glass with a scratch hardness of 7H: the Vandal-Proof structure makes the product more suitable for systems in public places.
3. High sensitivity: the touch screen functions by sensing electrical currents from the human body and is capable of offering immediate response at the slightest touch (a response time within 16ms at a stress load of below 30g).
4. The extremely high transmittance (up to 99%) and 7H of scratch hardness, coupled with water and dust resistant surface design makes the product best suited for general public applications.


 Item  Standard
 Input Mode  Finger or Stylus
 Operating Temperature  -20℃~70℃
 Storage Temperature  -40℃~85℃
 Transparency  95%↑
 Linearity  1.0%
 Hardness  7H
 Operating Force  <30g
 Knock Test  350,000,000 times
 Customize Various Size  5"~24"
 Scope of Application  KIOSK, ATM, POS, Touch Monitor

 Mail Application:

 MID Tablet PC, Smart Phone, IPod Music Player

※ Specifications Or Size are subject to change without notice.
※ Any questioins or needs, Please contact our sales: ; We will contact/reply you immediately.


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