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MultiTouch Touch Screen

Technical characteristics:
KingTouch Multi-touch screen is the most cost-effectiveTrue multi-touch program can be easily installed a variety of projection, LCD or plasma display,support for more than multi-point simultaneous application operation...

Multi-Touch Screen/Panel/Frame/ Overlay/Bezels Types:

Type 1: IR (Infrared) Multi-Touch Screen/Frame/Overlay/ Bezels with 2, 4 , 6 , 10, 16 ,32 and 40 touch points
Type 2: Optical Multi-Touch Screen/Panel
Type 3: Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen----Pls refer to PRODUCTS: Capacitive touch screen for more information.

Type 1: IR (Infrared) Multi-Touch Screen/Frame/Overlay/ Bezels with 2, 4 , 6 , 10, 16 ,32 and 40 touch points:


       Dual Touch Frame Overlay                                                      6-Touch Points                                                         40-Touch Points

Advantage of Multi-Touch Screen/Panel/Frame/ Overlay/Bezels Types:

IR Multi-Touch Screen Overlays is perfect for LCD Monitor/TV, Plasma, LED, Rear Projected Image, etc.
1. True Multi-Touch (Support 2, 4 ,6 ,10 , 12 , 16 , 32 and 42 perfect touch points simultaneously)
2. No Ghost Touch Points, Supports Win7 and TUIO Protocal
3. Ambient Light Immunity and Withstands severe environments
4. Aluminium Alloy Frame Touch Screen
5. Available sizes are from 18.5 inch up to 200 inch.
6. Each touch point represents an object/finger as it is placed on the touch surface.

Specifications of Multi-Touch Screen/Panel/Frame/ Overlay/Bezels Types:

Available Sizes:
18.5", 19", 21.5", 22", 24", 26" ,32", 40", 42", 46", 47", 50", 52",55", 57", 60", 65"-200".
Glass: 3mm - 8mm tempered or without glass Just touch frame 
Frame Color: Black
Touch Points: 2 / 4/ 6/16/ 32 / upto 40 touch points -Different touch points is a different model
Touch Technology: Multi-Touch IR LED Touch Technology
Touch Method: Finger, gloved hand or any other pointer. Stylus minimum 5mm tip.
Construction: Aluminum, tempered glass, printed circuit boards
Luminous Transmission: Better than 95% with glass
Touch activation force: No pressure required
Finger Touch accuracy: 1.5mm
Touch Durability: Unlimited
Touch Response Time: 60-75fps / 12-15ms

Operating temperature:

0°C to 60°C;

Storage temperature:

-40°C to 85°C
Operating humidity: 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing;
Storage Humidity: 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Power Supply: USB Powered
Ultra-Low Power consumption: Operating = 750mW; Stand by = 250mW
Touch Resolution 32767 × 32767 OR 4096 × 4096
Touch Durability: Unlimited
OS support: XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8, Linux and Android

Main Application of Multi-Touch Screen/Panel/Frame/ Overlay/Bezels Types:

  • News Broadcast
  • AV Equip. & Rental business
  • Luxury Retail (Highstreet Malls)
  • Hospitality
  • Digital Signage
  • Healthcare
  • Educational Institutes
  • Large Size Kiosks
  • Government projects
  • Simulation Application
  • 3D Visualisation/ 360deg. walkthrough
  • Museums
  • Real Estate properties showcase
  • Touch table
  • Large Corporates
  • Application Showing of Multi-Touch Screen/Panel/Frame/ Overlay/Bezels Types:



    Type 2: Optical Multi-Touch Screen/Panel


                                                                                                                               Dual Touch                                                                           45-Touch Points

    Multi-touch Optical touch screen using optical imaging touch technology, combined with Windows 7 perfectly, to achieve a multi-touch and a variety of hand gesture recognition, can instinctively, naturally the operation of the zoom, rotate, and comments, to make the touch more light, smooth, touch experience to a whole new level, fully reflects the unique charm of the man-machine interaction. Now the market appears up to the is resistance touch screen, capacitive touch screen, acoustic wave touch screen, infrared touch screen, although the sixth-generation infrared touch screen to solve the existence of most of the shortcomings of widely application in the large size but still exists with the very common the problem: costs are high and wide, marginal, and our optical touch screen is perfect to solve these problems, the factory already fully corrected, precise touch, but do not need to install any driver, regardless of your computer system is XP or WIN system, can be inserted on, greatly increase the user’s convenience and to achieve other touch screen can not reach the multi-point touch (infrared screen real realization of the touch features two points) optical touch screen real support for 36 points (currently as 2 points) operating at the same time, like to play some games, or some special industry software, our hardware can support them perfectly.

    The CMOS camera installed in the upper left corner of the light emitted by the LED lights, surrounded by reflection conditions for reflection into the upper right corner of the CMOS camera, empathy, launch light into the left side of the upper right corner of the CMOS camera CMOS camera. The formation of a light net light clouds on the touch area, after multiple reflections of light gap is less than 1mm. When you touch a certain point, the point of injection light and receive light to form an angle, this two light form two straight line between the left and right CMOS camera angle, computing the exact coordinates of control The device entry, and touch response. Infrared imaging touch technology called optical touch technology, high resolution, multi-touch, to overcome the defects of the existing touch products.

    Features of Optical Multi-Touch Screen/Panel:

    1. Supports multi-point and high touch accuracy, you can draw a very delicate smooth curve, and can touch to any corner of the screen points;
    2. Planar array of optical lens, the reaction speed of 5 ms, touch handwriting without delay, no handwriting delay, and hysteresis;
    3. For LCD, plasma, LED and other monitors, projectors (front projection, rear projection), etc., Ranging in size from 32 inches -120 inches can support;
    4. Built-in and external two different programs, easily meet the needs of different customers (also selectable with glass and without glass);
    5. Free driver, touch screen and the PC host connection can be used directly, without having to install the driver, switch to a different computer, even after normal use;
    6. Good stability, high sensitivity, the light transmittance greater than 95%;
    7.Tthe environment, adaptable, flexible configuration of the explosion, glare, etc.
    8. With the interactive features of the multi-screen, a computer can connect up to 4 touch screen;
    9. Passive touch, without a special touch pen, fingers that point, once calibrated, easy to maintain.



    Built-in Type
    Black, aluminum alloy frame
    Plug-in type
    Black (standard), and optional silver aluminum alloy frame
    Thickness of 3~6mm (steelized , anti-glare, film laminated, selectable thickness)
    Line length
    1500mm ( +50,-0)
    The smallest touch object diameter
    Touch input recognition
    Finger, touch pen, and any opaque touch-sensitive media
    Electrical Characteristics
    Scanning frequency
    of 100 Hz
    Communication interface type
    USB 2.0 :12Mbps
    Data output
    Coordinate output
    Physical resolution
    1mm x 1mm
    Response time
    5~8 ms
    Operating voltage
    Power supply
    USB or external
    Working current
    Environmental properties
    Temperature requirements
    Operating Temperature 0 ~ 65 degrees
    Storage temperature -20 to 85 degrees
    Humidity requirements
    Operating Humidity 0% ~ 85%
    Storage Humidity 0% ~ 95%
    Resistance to light interference
    Normal use of daylight, incandescent, daylight eliminated changes
    Theoretical number of clicks
    60,000,000 touches
    > 5 years
    Electrostatic protection
    Contact 8KV, space 15KV
    94 V0
    Fcc CE UL RoHS CCC
    Operating system

    Main Application of Optical Multi-Touch Screen/Panel

    KIOSK, ATM, exhibitions, education and training, business office, advertising, media, game consoles, interactive advertising,medical equipment,
    Industrial, multi-media inquiries, POS machines, automatic ticketing, self-service retail, public reception, government applications,
    The Securities military use, interactive whiteboard.

    ※ Specifications Or Size are subject to change without notice.
    ※ Any questioins or needs, Please contact our sales: ; We will contact/reply you immediately.


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